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Here you'll find some cool stuff to download.(to get them all you'll need some form of media player, for example Windows Media Player or Realplayer.)

If you have any media that might be useful to me, please E-mail me it.

Music Themes

Name Type Size Length
Jericho's Entrance Music Wav 1.36MB 2:06
Jericho's Entrance Music MP3 3.14MB 3:25
Jericho's WWF Aggression theme MP3 Unknown 3:10
Jericho's WCW theme Wav Unknown 1:07


Name Type Size Length
"Welcome to...Raw Is Jericho !" MP3 47KB 0:06
"Raw is Snore, long live Raw Is Jericho!" MP3 84KB 0:10
"Personification of evil ?" MP3 84KB 0:10
"Three I's ?!" Wav 55KB 0:06
"You can't handle Y2J cos I am one Bad Mamma Jamma !" Wav 70KB 0:06
"I am the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla" MP3 46KB 0:05


Name Type Size Length
Jericho's titantron video Asx Unknown 1:01
Welcome to...Raw Is Jericho Avi 309KB 0:06
Jericho's in-ring debut Asx Unknown 1:31
Miss Kitty sprays Jericho with a fire extinguisher Asx Unknown 1:30
Asai Moonsault (The Lionsault) MPG Unknown 0:07

Desktop Items

Name Type Size Description
Y2J Wallpaper JPG Unknown A massive Y2J in silver writing, with pictures of Jericho inside each letter
Jericho Wallpaper JPG Unknown A couple of pictures of Jericho with "Jericho" written on it
Go, Jericho, Go Wallpaper JPG Unknown A picture of Jericho holding a microphone, with the titantron in the background, and "Go, Jericho, Go" at the bottom of the page
Raw is Jericho Wallpaper JPG Unknown Two pictures of Jericho with Raw is Jericho in the background
Y2J futuristic Wallpaper JPG Unknown Err..dunno how to describe this one , just have a look!
Y2J Kids Wallpaper JPG Unknown Big picture of Jericho with a colourful background
Walls of Jericho Wallpaper JPG Unknown Pics of Y2J doing the Walls Of Jericho
Y2J aggressive Wallpaper JPG Unknown A couple of pics of Jericho with a large pic of him looking aggressive

With thanks to , and for providing me with all the above stuff!